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The ultimate memory strain evaluation! You will be given a limited amount of tries, an ever-increasing amount of actions (clicks) to imitate (repeat) and a wild array of tricky click object Layout patterns and sizes.

Successes won't go unnoticed with many features and secrets to unlock, you'll even improve your memory while playing! (non-scientifically proven!).

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  • Rating: Family Friendly This game is Family Friendly. Rated by TIGRS™
  • Players: 1-2 Offline (no internet connection required!)
  • Genre: Puzzle/Memory click game
  • How do I play?: You must remember which objects are clicked by the computer and the order in which they were clicked!

    Once the computers turn is complete, you must successfully imitate (repeat) those actions by using the left-click mouse button! The speed of the computer and the amount of actions you may need to imitate increases as you (hopefully) progress through the many challenging grids, patterns, stages and levels!

Ingame screenshot

If you make few mistakes during a turn, you will gain valuable extra tries! Also a good overall performance may earn you a entry in the coveted Top Mimics list or even unlock secret content!

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  • 1 or 2 Players? Play against the computer alone or with a friend off-line!
  • 3 Game modes including Grid and Pattern!
  • Superb character-like AI including bluffs, diversion tactics and unpredictable movement!
  • A Selection of Difficulty levels varying the challenge and personality of the AI!
  • Enjoy and discover a plethora of dazzling scrolling backdrops to aid (or distract?) your imitations!
  • Unlockable secret content and cheat code access grid system!
  • Nice selection of fun character avatars to choose from!
  • Improve your brain without a stylus pen!
  • Free premium-quality updates & support!
  • Free premium-quality Emmunity & Forum!
  • 30 Day money back guarantee as standard!

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Click a thumbnail below for that image's larger (full) view. Also you can view more screenshots (not featured below) in the Imitate gallery here...

Ingame Screenshot Ingame Screenshot Ingame Screenshot

Ingame Screenshot Ingame Screenshot Ingame Screenshot

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A few Imitate gameplay videos (currently only version 2.00 videos, version 2.51 in the works). Also you can view more of the ES Syndrome video catologue via ES TV!

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Reviews, Awards and FAQ's:


3d2f Review (Read full review at www.3d2f.com):

"A really involving game can be of two kinds: either a tricky and unusual game play or a simple game play and an ingeniously smart opponent. Computer game designers (especially, puzzle designers) tend to prefer the first way.

But sometimes there are fortunate exclusions you'll be surprised with, like Imitate."

"it's exactly the case of a simple game with a smart and
unpredictable partner!" - 3d2f


Game du Jour Review:

"Imitate is a fun memory game that will keep your brain alert." - Game du Jour



Imitate received a 5 stars award from allapp.comFREE Downloads, Discount Software, Freeware, Games, Submissions & MoreRated by 5 points award on download readyDownloadRage - Games and Free Software DownloadsCorporate Mail Manager - Business 10 - Win Antivirus ReportImitate

5 Star Shareware Award v2.51 : 5 Stars Award at dailysofts.com !

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System Requirements:

If you don't understand some terms below, this site will help! Just type/paste the term in the type box and hit search at http://whatis.techtarget.com.

If your still not sure about something, ask in the forum, send a email via Help & Support or use another emmunication method via the Emmunity. Remember, if in doubt, always try the free trial demo before making any purchase. We want to ensure your expectations are met without hassle or delay!

Operating System/Software/Drivers requirements

  • Windows 98, XP / Vista or Mac OSX (10.3 higher, mac version in the works!)
  • DirectX 9.0c or later (get it here)

Hardware requirements

  • Full installation requires just under 30MB free disc space
  • 500MHz Cpu processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • OpenGL / DirectX compatible accelerated 3D video card
  • DirectX compatible soundcard

    Gameplay device hardware requirements

  • 1-Button Mouse or greater (Left Click)
  • Standard Keyboard (Profile/Name and access grid code input etc)

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Download Free Trial:

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By downloading/installing this game you are agreeing to this EULA

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  • Imitate v2.51 - (27.4Mb) - Free full version 30 minute trial download!
    • (WINDOWS VISTA Note: You must use ‘Windows XP SP2’ compatibility mode to play this in vista!)
    • (In the unlikely event a message menu window gets stuck before the computer is ready to do it's move, Press 'F2'. This is in the process of being fixed.
      This error can usually be avoided by not bypassing the menu-fly on animation, which is pretty quick anyway)

Although all files are already checked for viruses etc, please double check with your own scanner/checker for your convenience and security (you should always do this when downloading any files from the internet).

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